How to use aerosols to freshen soft surfaces

Just because your child comes home smelling like their latest sports match, your favorite chair doesn’t have to. FamilyGuard® Disinfectant Aerosol helps gets rid of the smells your family brings home. With just a spray, FamilyGuard® eliminates odors and 99.9% of bacteria. So your kids can explore and play, but their smells don’t stick around.




To Disinfect Germs on hard, non-porous surfaces: Spray pre-cleaned surface until wet. Allow product to remain on surface for 5 minutes.

To Kill Odor causing bacteria on soft surface: Spray pre-cleaned surface until damp. Odor-causing bacteria will be killed after 5 minutes. Allow the surface to dry completely before using it. KEEP CHILDREN AND PETS OFF TREATED SURFACES UNTIL DRY. Spot test soft surfaces in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness (before widespread use).

Fungus and mildew control: Spray pre-cleaned surface until wet. Let the treated surface air dry. Re-apply as necessary.

Deodorizing action: Spray product upward in center of room for 10 seconds.